Breast Milk Freezer Storage Device

The Freeze Flat breast pump accessory provides a convenient way to freeze milk flat for storage with minimal freezer space.

The Freeze Flat freezes pumped breast milk flat for storage with minimal freezer space. Can be used in any orientation and does not require bag to lay flat while freezing.

This product, by Priver, was designed to help breastfeeding mothers save valuable freezer space while storing breastmilk. Whether you have a lot or a little freezer space, the Freeze Flat consists of a simple yet desirable concept that allows you to freeze breast milk bags in any orientation in your freezer. Storing Liquid Bags (Breast Milk, Food, Ice Packs, etc.) for Freezer Organization, Storage and Space Saving.

Looking for baby shower gift ideas? The Freeze Flat is easy-to-use and reusable freezer organizer for breast milk storage bags.

Our Freeze Flat is a practical breast feeding accessory made locally in the U.S. It contains two plastic plates and velcro to fasten the breast milk bag tightly. This design keeps your breastmilk bag secure and flat while freezing whether laid down flat, standing up, or angled in your freezer. In addition, the Freeze Flat works well with most brands of breast milk storage bags.

Freezing breastmilk completely flat could provide many great benefits. This allows busy, breastfeeding moms a way to keep their breast milk supply up and organized. By using the Freeze Flat, you are easily able to stack, bag and build a milk stash with your frozen breast milk supply.

The Freeze Flat features:

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The Freeze Flat

Our Original 4 Strap Version

The Freeze Flat - Breast Milk Freezer Storage Device

The Freeze Flat

Single Strap Version

The Freeze Flat - Single Strap

Amazon Reviews

The Freeze Flat, our freeze flat breastmilk storage product, has over 650 reviews, maintains a 4.6 star rating and is listed as Amazon Choice.


Starting in 2017

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